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Author Branding & Collateral

Need bookmarks, bookplates, newsletter graphics, social media branding or a logo? I can help! Here are just some examples of work I can do. Have a graphic design need? Ask me! I can do almost anything.

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A snazzy bookmark is a must-have for any author! They're not expensive to print, and readers love them

You provide:

  • A high resolution file from your publisher--a layered working file is best, if you can get one
  • Release date, author website, social media information

I provide:

  • An eye-catching bookmark design, formatted for the printer of your choice*

*Author is responsible for printing




Looking to create a unified branding look for your social media profiles? I can design:

  • Twitter banners
  • Tumblr banners
  • Facebook banners
  • YouTube Channel art
  • Quote art (for Instagram, Pinterest)
  • Giveaway & other marketing pieces

Author Mentor Match logo by Claire Wenzel

Author Mentor Match logo by Claire Wenzel


A logo can make a huge impact and is a versatile piece you can use across social media platforms, on your author website, and of course in an author newsletter!

In addition to a logo, I can work with you to develop a unique style/look for your author newsletter, designing a header, section breaks, social media logos, and other bits of flair that will make your newsletter stand out.



other swag & collateral

Here are just some samples of other swag and collateral I can do:

  • Stickers
  • Buttons
  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • Postcards

Current Pricing & Specials