Claire Wenzel

Luminous, Heavy Sci-Fi Trilogy Book Jackets

I came up with the Luminous Trilogy, a young adult Sci-Fi series, as an interesting concept to design book jackets around. The books themselves are dark but possess a tongue-in-cheek wryness about the weird world of cyborgs, spaceships, and galactic religious dystopia, never taking the setting quite seriously while still giving the characters heavy-hitting emotional arcs and a dramatic, gripping plot. It’s an odd tonal combination, so I wanted to reflect that on the covers: designing from LUMINOUS, HEAVY, the first in the series, I contrasted ethereal, sparkling, feminine colors and textures with the very sleek, tactile-looking black robot arm. For the primary typography, I wanted to upend the sci-fi conventions of sans-serif, futuristic type or illustration-driven covers and marry it more closely to typical fantasy YA, so I chose a decorative, almost vintagey typeface. To match the arm and add interest, I gave it a metallic finish, and the upward slant suggests the dynamism and movement of the fast-paced action in the book itself.

luminous, heavy SMALLER.png
books 7.png